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Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

Helping the Indiana economy and sustaining a quality company were among the reasons Kyle York decided to purchase HD Williams this year. As the company’s third owner, he has a deep respect for the tradition of excellence and workmanship that defines the HD Williams legacy.

Founded in 1967 by Harry Daniel Williams, Dennis Tibbets was the second owner and was preparing for retirement when he reached out to Kyle to take on the business. York operates his father’s burial vault business, and it seemed a natural fit to begin serving the industry with heavy duty concrete lifting and reinforcement.

HD Williams began in 1967, under the leadership of Harry Daniel Williams. Williams later sold the company to Dennis Tibbets. As he was preparing for retirement, Tibbets contacted York to see if he would be interested in operating the company.

“I was already in the industry, and it made sense,” York expressed. “Dennis was helpful in the transition, teaching us how to use the machines and guiding us in ordering steel wire.”

Kyle acquired HD Williams in April of 2017 and over the next month he and operations manager Brandon Atwood worked to move the company’s operation to New Castle, Indiana, from its previous location in Columbus, Indiana. The company received advice and guidance from business advisors Scott Underwood of the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center and Duke Hamm of Focal Point Business Coaching.

“We want to continue to be there for the concrete industry,” according to York. “We are able to relate and speak their language since we’ve been a part of the industry. I see the potential to grow the company, adding quality jobs along the way.”