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HD Williams Owner Kyle York Brings Love of Life to New Roles

Kyle York remembers the solemn atmosphere of the cemetery as he watched his dad, Greg, lower the burial vault into the ground. It seemed that so much was resting on the metal hooks that connected the vault to the chains lowering the vault into the ground. The solid formation of these hooks gave Kyle a feeling of security, as he knew the remains of the deceased were firmly held.

Kyle worked alongside his dad in Wimmer Burial Vaults, a mid-sized burial vault company based in New Castle, Indiana. While serving the region’s burial needs during times of loss, Kyle developed a profound love for life and an appreciation for its fragility.

When he decided to go to college at Indiana University, another side of Kyle emerged. This side still embraced a love for life, but now it came in the way of coaching young and vibrant athletes. He majored in Kinesiology and Sports Management at IU. As an offensive assistant for Indiana University’s football program, he interacted closely with elite athletes.

Following his time at IU, he became the recruiting coordinator and an assistant coach at Drake University. When Kyle and his wife Jess became parents of twins, the traveling involved with recruiting became a burden, and they decided it was time to come home to New Castle.

Kyle once again worked alongside his dad, this time in a much different role. He brought the experiences he had in college and after to help his dad manage the business. This management experience was especially useful when the people of New Castle elected Greg as mayor for two terms and mayoral duties often called Greg away from the business. Kyle became the on-site manager for Wimmer, leading the team and making day-to-day decisions.

When Dennis Tibbets approached Kyle about the possible sale of HD Williams, Kyle was excited about the opportunity to serve the industry with quality, heavy duty concrete lifting and reinforcement supplies. He worked with some trusted advisors to bring the business to his hometown and build it there.

Not too long after the sale was finalized, Kyle had the opportunity to return to the world of football. His alma mater, New Castle High School, hired him as the head football coach. Kyle once again began working with young athletes to develop their skills and character. The role allows him to continue his work with HD Williams and Wimmer.

“I love the challenge of leading a business and leading a team,” Kyle shared. “The variety in my life is something I really appreciate, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve others.”